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Dwight Howard signs waiver, stays with Magic through next season


Were you expecting a huge deal at the NBA trade deadline? Well, you can forget about it! Dwight Howard has signed the waiver for his early opt-out clause which will keep him with the Orlando Magic through next season.

From ESPN:

Dwight Howard signed a waiver Thursday that keeps him under contract with the Orlando Magic through next season.

The waiver denies him the right to terminate his contract after this season. After going back and forth regarding his intentions, Howard said Wednesday that he would sign the waiver.

A source had told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the New Jersey Nets had been told earlier Thursday that Howard would not be available in trade.

While this is great news for fans of D12, it probably spells doom for Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy who has never had the greatest relationship with his star player.

Here’s what others are saying:

Funny thing is Dwight Howard's deal is only for one more year so next yr. around this time the circus will start AGAIN.

— NoYo © (@KiNG_NoYo) March 15, 2012

Dwight Howard making LeBron look more likeable lol

— Michelangelo (@_ironMike) March 15, 2012

Dwight Howard's staying in O-town.No he wants to be traded,NO he's staying,No wait he wants to be a fireman,NO he said he would QB in Miami

— Ambitious (@Bigfnjet) March 15, 2012

Dwight Howard did what Lebron did x3. Horrible way to make decisions as to where you wanna play next.

— Carl Jr (@Carlcjsmith) March 15, 2012

Dwight howard staying with the magics…..now we gotta go wit another whole season on where is dwight gone end up…the saga continues

— M@rtyBravo (@JusMarty) March 15, 2012

Haven't been depressed about sports in a while. I will now be rooting against Dwight Howard forever

— Not Tony Reali (@NotTonyReali) March 15, 2012

Dwight Howard is staying with the Magic? Wow that front office is stupid for not trading him. You gotta know he's leaving for Brooklyn.

— Mark Other (@Mark_Other) March 15, 2012

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