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Dem candidate issues ‘worst apology ever’ after Benghazi masturbation joke

Even Trish Causey knows that with or without her clown nose, voters aren’t sending her to Congress. Why, oh why, don’t they appreciate her Benghazi “satire”?

The Mississippi Democrat says she’s sorry — sorry you rubes on the Right aren’t chortling at her highbrow Benghazi masturbation humor.


You people just don’t get that she “pushed the boundaries” with her “satirical observation.” She’s not just a soon-to-be former candidate and “vagina warrior.” She’s an artist. Oh, and she’s sorry, but Republicans are hypocrites.

As an activist and an artist, I have always pushed the boundaries. That is what we do. My comment about the Republicans using Benghazi for political gain was directed AT the Republicans. I did not intend to dishonor the four who died. I intended to make a satirical observation about how the Republicans have used the tragedy to go after Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

One of the reasons I spoke out on the issue of the Republicans and their treatment of Benghazi is because it seems so hypocritical. We need to do more for our veterans, as I’ve said in interviews and on my blog.

I find the GOP’s hypocrisy appalling, which is why I spoke out the way I did, and I will continue to speak out against the GOP. But I never thought people would think I was insulting the men who died. They definitely do not deserve ridicule. And for that, I am truly sorry to anyone who thought my words were aimed at them. They were not.

She followed up her “apology” with this retweet:


And perhaps not realizing that Twitchy is forever, Trish deleted her joke.


Vote for Trish! Or not:


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