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Clinton rallies state Dems

With one week left before Election Day, Colorado Democrats in tight races leaned on the most popular Democrat in the country to rally support here – former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton revved up a group of Democrats in Lakewood on Oct. 28, urging them to get out the vote in support of Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall, both of whom face stiff challenges from their Republican rivals.

Clinton, still considered a political rock star nearly 14 years after leaving the White House, said voting either incumbent out of office would set Colorado back toward a conservative direction of governing that he thinks most wouldn’t want to go.

“The real question in this campaign is whether we go back to a trickle-down economy or whether we invest in our future,” Clinton said during a rally that was held inside a Sheraton Hotel convention room.

Udall is facing Congressman Cory Gardner and Hickenlooper is being challenged by former Congressman Bob Beauprez.

Clinton lauded Hickenlooper’s record as governor, pointing to an economy that has blossomed under his watch. The former president also cited Hickenlooper’s leadership during several natural disasters, including wildfires and statewide flooding and his drive in creating stricter air quality rules.

“Why is this a race?” quipped Clinton, to the delight of the partisan crowd.

Clinton also praised Udall’s leadership in the Senate while attacking Gardner in several areas, including the congressman’s positions on women’s issues.

Clinton mocked Gardner for attempting to deflect attention from his support of a federal personhood effort, which would grant legal protections for the unborn, by telling women voters that he supports over-the-counter birth control.

“He says, ‘I’m OK with letting women buy contraceptives,'” Clinton said. “Hello, that’s been legal for several decades. There’s a pretty low bar for who is considered a moderate in the Republican Party.”

Hickenlooper and Udall were among a handful of Democratic office holders who also spoke at the rally.

Clinton also rallied supporters in Aurora the night before. The double “Bill” billing comes as polls show a neck-and-neck Senate race, with recent surveys showing Udall trailing Gardner.

Last week, Clinton’s wife Hillary and fellow Democratic heavy hitter First Lady Michelle Obama also visited Colorado in an effort to drum up support for Udall’s campaign.

State Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call blasted Clinton’s visit as a last-ditch effort to save the Udall campaign.

“President Clinton can attempt to bail out Sen. Udall with lofty cliches and sound bites, but (Udall’s) record speaks louder than words,” Call said through an emailed statement.

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