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Clear Creek dangerous during runoff

While Clear Creek can be an enticing place to cool off in the hot summer months, the City of Golden would like to remind citizens that the creek is extremely dangerous and has taken many lives. Currents are so fast, especially during the spring runoff season, they can easily knock a person off their feet and sweep them down the river.

The Golden Fire Department’s swift water rescue team regularly pulls people to safety who have been innertubing and swimming in the creek. When using Clear Creek for recreational purposes, citizens should take all necessary safety precautions. You should never swim or innertube in the creek, especially without proper safety devices (including a life vest and helmet). Young children should never be allowed to play near the creek’s banks.

Also, do not let dogs swim in Clear Creek, where harsh currents can pull them into the middle of the river and tire them out before they make it safely back to the shore.

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