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Cher offers crazy-pants new name for ‘Stand your Ground’ law


Cher 2016? Worst idea ever? Or best idea ever?

Cher has already promised she won’t toss her wig into the 2016 ring, but that won’t stop her from taking the nuttery up to ELEvENtY!!111! in yet another unhinged Twitter rant. It took her a few days, but finally — finally! — we have Cher’s post-Zimmerman verdict thoughts. Er, “thoughts.”


Let’s string the incoherence together: Cher’s suggested name for Florida’s “stand your ground” law is … drum roll …

Shoot any1 U want..with impunity…Whenever you feel Bored,crave some excitement, Feel like a loser,can’t make it to the shooting range,Want to impress The NRA,KKK,Neo-Nazi’s T-Baggers & ppl who thought Emmet Till got WHAT HE DESERVED !


By the way, you can take Cher seriously because she’s spent time at the shooting range.


To close out her latest Twit-burst, Cher hinted at a conspiracy behind a six-member jury deciding George Zimmerman’s fate.


Hey, she’s just askin’ questions (sans the question mark, natch).

Because we’re givers, Cher, we’ll point you to a little-known site called Google for the answer:

Zimmerman’s trial follows Florida statute 913.10 which says “twelve persons shall constitute a jury to try all capital cases, and six persons shall constitute a jury to try all other criminal cases.”

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