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Celebrating some of Jeffco’s outstanding women

The West Chamber honored nine Jefferson County women who made a big difference in Jeffco at its 15th annual Celebrate Women breakfast.

The event was held at the Denver Marriott West on Nov. 17, and community members from all over the county gathered to welcome the honorees into a group of more than 84 women.

“Are you inspired?” asked Michele Haney, president of Red Rocks Community College. “I’m so proud to be part of an organization that honors women.”

Get to know the nine women celebrated this year:

Norma Anderson

Former Sen. Anderson served in the legislature for 19 years, starting in 1986. During her career she supported the School Finance Act of 1994 and the Third Grade Literacy Act of 1996.

From 1997 to 1998 she served as the House Majority Leader and in 2003 she served as the Senate Majority Leader, making her the state’s first woman to serve in both roles.

“It’s been so fun serving the county. This chamber has always supported Jeffco Schools, which is something I’ve always appreciated.”

Mary Berg

For more than 21 years, Berg served the county and is currently the Deputy Director of Jefferson County Department of Human Services.

She has worked at the local, state and national levels, including with the Differential Response and Workforce programs.

“I’m truly honored and humbled to be here with so many remarkable women. I’ve been blessed to work with strong leaders and community members.”

Andrea Burch

Burch is the current vice president and chief nursing officer at Lutheran Medical Center and has spent 25 years in the nursing field.

During her career, she has served in roles including certified nursing assistant and critical care specialty nurse in neurosciences.

“The story of my success is more about Lutheran than me. Every one of the women and leaders in this room have reached down and pulled up other leaders behind them.”

Anne Burkholder

Burkholder served the county for more than 50 years and is on the boards of the Jeffco Schools Foundation and the American Association of University Women, Lakewood Branch.

Five years ago, she co-founded The Parent-Child Home Program Jeffco, which just finished its three-year pilot.

“I really appreciate this honor. I have spent my entire life in Jeffco, and have had a great passion for education my entire life. Great memories abound for me.”

Pamela Goff

Goff has been the president and CEO of Wheat Ridge’s PG Construction Services, Inc., for more than 21 years.

She’s maintained her CPA license for 30 years and also holds a Chartered Global Management Accountant certification. She also serves on the Board of Directors and on the Finance Committee for Localworks in Wheat Ridge.

“Pam is a tiny woman, but she has a huge heart,” said Margie Seyfert with the Wheat Ridge Business Association. “Her favorite word is yes.”

Pam Nissler

Nissler is the executive director of Jefferson County Public Library and has been working in the field for 45 years.

She is a member of the American and Public Library Associations and during her career served as substitute librarian, director of community services and director of library programs.

“All the people I work with at the library all share a vision where our libraries can help people connect, discover and create.”

Michelle Poolet

Poolet is a Master of Computer Information Systems at the University of Denver and created Mt. Vernon Data Systems in the 1990s.

She has created courseware on all database systems and has been teaching and training since 1989.

“For a long time I had a sticky note on my computer monitor that said, ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ There’s so much left to learn, but when I feel uncertain and afraid, I ask myself that same question.”

Jess Wiederholt

Using her medical knowledge, Wiederholt has worked to help parents in the county find solutions for weight loss, healthy aging, energy, performance and income opportunities.

She is the mother of seven, four of whom were adopted from East Africa, and she travels to Ethiopia and Uganda each year to give business grants to single mothers who are HIV positive.

“It’s a true honor to receive this on my wife’s behalf,” said her husband, Ben. “The paradox of the more you give, the more you receive has been true all our lives.”

Beverly Winters

Winters is the executive director of the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center. During her time with the center, she has developed the center’s case management services, family support services and highly successful behavioral health services program.

She has also served on the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Mental Health Advisory Board.

“After working for three decades with the people with developmental disabilities, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing their joy when they meet their goals and be successful, which is what we all try to do every day.”

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