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Burn not thy fingers to snuff another’s candle

My birthday was last week. As most of us do, I spent some time in reflection around this event, although I’ve never been one to wait for a 365-day trip around the sun to prompt my introspection.

I’ve considered the happenings of the past year and speculated on what’s to come. And, as many of you know, the presidential election is one of my top concerns. So when I blew out my candles and was asked what I’d wished for, I didn’t hesitate to reply.

I wish there were no “woman card” and “man’s world.”

As exhilarated as I am that we finally have a female major-party nominee – no matter what you think of Hillary Clinton, this is a historic moment – I can’t help but wonder how this would all be playing out if the gender thing weren’t such as issue. For example, in addition to many vile and vulgar internet memes, comments and posts aimed at women (as well as minorities of every kind), there’s now a hashtag targeting women voters, #repealthe19th – as in the 19th amendment that tardily acknowledged women’s right to vote as citizens of the United States – after a map developed by a polling organization showed Donald Trump would win if only men voted.

I wish there were a way to compare apples to apples. Or apples to oranges. Or apples to any other kind of fruit. But there’s just not.

Although the two candidates are similar in age, their life experiences could not be more different, starting with the very beginnings of the paths they’ve trod. If I had my choice, I would take a seasoned politician with business acumen, instead of a lifetime politician who has only ever been in public service, or a person who claims business success but has demonstrated no ability to translate it to governance. To try to compare these two on any level is futile.

I wish the bar weren’t so low.

A phrase I’ve heard repeated recently is that this election cycle is “a race to the bottom.” Certainly as Trump descends into name-calling, derision and outright lies, and as Clinton’s behind-the-scenes maneuverings are uncovered, these become the ignoble and, unfortunately, the memorable moments of the campaign. And the bar is not even the same for the two nominees. While Trump is considered to be a success just by sticking to a teleprompter, Clinton is also judged on her looks, her expressions, her clothing, the tone and volume of her voice, and even her laugh.

I wish American politics weren’t the targets of scorn, ridicule and even fear around the world. Enough said.

Of course, I have my usual wishes for the health and happiness of my family and friends, for my own expanded awareness, and for world peace. I believe that all these, some with more effort than others, are achievable.

As for the wishes above, the die may already be cast. So perhaps my greatest wish, after all, is that we can emerge on the other side of Nov. 8 with enough resilience to pull ourselves out of this “race to the bottom” and once again set the standard for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Andrea Doray is a writer who knows it takes a lot of candles on the cake to make this many wishes. Contact her at [email protected].

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