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BREAKING: Jeffco school board approves controvercial curriculum review proposal

In the traditional 3-2 vote Thursday night by the Jeffco Board of Education, the curriculum review committee was approved as proposed by Superintendent, Dan McMinimee. The committee, as approved, is formed under two district policies, IJ and IJ-R, which reference the districts current review committees. The approved proposal would create a committee comprised of students, teachers, and content specialists from the district’s 19 articulation areas, include a facilitator, such as the Chief Academic Officer, and have public meetings, and also have the committee report directly to the board.

Prior to the meeting, more than 150 teachers, students and community members held a protest rally outside the district office. The group, chanting “Stand Up! – For Kids” included student walkout leaders from district high schools who spoke against recent actions by the Jeffco school board majority.

Comments centered around the desire to not alter the APUSH curriculum, lack of board respect for the community, and caring about their education. Students cited board policies, the roles of the current curriculum committees and their desire to table the proposed committee. 

Following the roughly 15-minute rally, Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) Presidents, John Ford, led the estimated 250-person group in a walking protest along the Denver West Mariott Boulevard. The marchers then returned to a grassy spot near the district office, where the crowd watched a video stream of the filled-to-capacity board meeting.

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