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Brace yourselves for two days of ka-boom

Last Saturday evening I was getting some gas at the station in downtown Golden and, as I was paying for it, the girl working at the counter was on her phone talking to one of her pals. She recognizes me because I go in a lot, and we always have a little chat. She said she was getting off work in a couple of hours and looking for something fun to do with her friends. By that time, the Bronco game was going to be over so they wanted to find something happening after the game.

I said, ” Why don’t you just walk over a couple of blocks to Washington Avenue and check out what’s going on up and down the street? There’s always something going on over there.” She said that’s what she usually does and probably would that night, too.

It got me to thinking just how much happens in our little town on the weekends in just a few square blocks. There’s an overflow of really good little restaurants, bistros and caf s, bars that serve everything including craft beers brewed locally, and several places that have some kind of live music on the weekends. I’ve heard everything ranging from a single guitar player to jazz to folk to country to blues and rock coming out of lots of places downtown, so you really don’t have to look far to find something fun to do around here.

Just head into Golden, park your car and wander around. Don’t forget to check out the back alleys, too. Miners Alley running along the west side of Washington Avenue has two great brew pubs with entrances right on the alley.

But an event this weekend is guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone walking by the Buffalo Rose on Friday or Saturday night. It’s called Wolf Fest 2016 and features a whole pack of hard-hitting heavy metal and hard rock bands.

It’s produced by a Denver company called Wolfpack Productions and they are bring their A game lineup to this event. When I said a pack I wasn’t kidding –; 15 bands over two days. This is going to be a head-banger’s dream.

So here’s the scoop. It’s happening on Friday, Sept. 2, and Saturday, Sept. 3. Friday’s show has the doors opening at 7 p.m. with the show starting at 7:30 p.m. and features Golden’s most famous rock star, Kip Winger, along with Dangerous Toys, Lotus Gait, Lords of Distortion and Sinfix. That’s five groups in one show.

The show on Sept. 3 brings you even more. Doors open at 3 p.m. and the show kicks off at 3:30 p.m. with 10 –; count ’em 10 –; bands hammering it out all day and night! Lynch Mob, Wildside, Spread Eagle, Prophets of Addiction, Dellacoma, Gypsy Flight, Peace Love and Distruction, The World Famous Johnsons, Grind Cat Grind and Immortal Synn will all be doing a set for this show.

They also have a raffle on both nights where you can win a signed guitar to take home. The show is sponsored by All Pro Amps, Drum City Guitarland, Hair Metal Mansion and Vamp Visuals.

The tickets run $ 20 for Friday, $ 25 for Saturday or you can get a two-day pass for $ 40. They also have VIP tickets available if you want to meet the bands and hang. The easiest place to order tickets is on the Buffalo Rose website, www.buffalorose.net. Just click on the Calendar tab and look for Wolf Fest. You can follow the links to get your tickets. You can also get them at the door.

The Buffalo Rose is at 1119 Washington Ave. If you need more information, go to the website mentioned above, or call 303-278-6800. Most of the information can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wolfpackproduction.

So, get ready to party. Dig out your leathers, find your combat boots, bandanas for your head, silver crosses and pentagrams and your favorite metal band T-shirt. Brace yourself for two days of ka-boom. Rock on!

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