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Being Buried is SO Last Century. How About Being Made Into Some Of These Items?

Who wants to be buried when they die? That’s so old fashioned! These days, there are more options for the deceased (or soon-to-be deceased) than ever before. Maybe you want to be turned into a pencil? Or perhaps you see yourself as a diamond?

Believe it or not, these things can be done to your body when you die. For the right price, of course. But it would totally be worth it for #5. It’s so cool.

1.) Become A Photograph.

1.) Become A Photograph. Gizmodo

One enterprising design studio in Norway found a way to create rig up their printer to accept the ashes of a dearly departed loved one instead of ink. Now you can be printed out as a photo of yourself. How cool is that?

We should give you fair warning: This technique was only used with the ashes of a pet dog, so it might not work the same way with humans. Any volunteers?

2.) Become An Hourglass.

2.) Become An Hourglass. John Morgan

Urns are so boring. Why not have your loved one’s ashes turned into an hourglass instead? It’ll only cost you a measly $330. Nothing says “your time is running out” like an hourglass full of someone’s ashes.

3.) Become A Speeding Bullet.

3.) Become A Speeding Bullet. William Hook

This might be the weirdest thing on this list, but you can have your ashes turned into bullets. For just $1,250, your ashes will be stuffed into your choice of 250 shotgun shells, 100 rifle cartridges, or 250 pistol cartridges. Talk about a 21-gun salute. 

4.) Become Pencils.

4.) Become Pencils. Gizmodo

Humans are mostly carbon, and the graphite in common pencils is also made out of carbon. It only makes sense that humans are the perfect candidates for becoming pencils when we die.

Each one of these pencils is custom stamped with the name of the deceased and their death date. Plus, the box doubles as a sharpener. Nifty, eh?

5.) Become A Vinyl Record.

5.) Become A Vinyl Record. Dave Parker

Are you a music lover? Then you should have your ashes made into a vinyl record. Starting at just $4,800, you can have your ashes turned into a vinyl record with up to 24 minutes of audio (12 minutes on each side). 

6.) Become A Street Sign.

6.) Become A Street Sign. The Tire Zoo

When you’re cremated, any metal implants you have get left behind. This includes fake hip joints or dental fillings. A company in England collects these odd pieces of human metal. They then melt them down to make street signs and lamp posts. I think it might actually be pretty cool for part of me to live on as a stop sign.

7.) Become A Diamond.

7.) Become A Diamond. Gizmodo

They say diamonds are forever, right? Now you can become a diamond thanks to Algordanza. While pricing isn’t available on their website, they do say they offer payment plans. So if you start saving now, you might be able to afford to live forever in diamond form. 

(Via: Gizmodo)

These are all pretty cool. I would totally love to become a vinyl record after I die. How awesome would that be? What would I sound like?

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