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An example of real leadership far from the national stage

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about leadership and put forward the idea that recognizing leadership is about finding the person who sees what needs to be done, and who then does it. But, then I realized that maybe that’s a little too esoteric a point, that maybe a concrete example would be useful.

And, as luck would have it, the universe presented me an example almost immediately.

On Sunday, John Martz, the pastor at our church, took to the pulpit to explain the direction that our church board sees the church moving in in the next year or so. And the steps that John outlined were extraordinary. He started by talking about the church as it currently exists, and how much he wants to continue to serve that church. But then, he moved in the direction of the society within which the church exists, and how the two do not intersect in as meaningful a way as he feels they should.

John then laid out some steps that he wants the church to take to increase the interfacing of the church and the society, saying some of these would be comfortable for him. At one point, he said that for the church to move in the direction it needs to, if it becomes clear that it is better for him to retire, then he will retire.

And that –; I am quite certain –; is not something he wants to do.

But, in the interest of serving his flock, he is willing to do what is difficult and unpleasant.

That, my friends, is leadership. I hope and pray that all of you reading this are part of an organization –; of any kind –; that has that sort of leadership. It is inspiring.

Now, and not to be an Eeyore, think about your expectations for the victory and concession speeches you heard Tuesday and Wednesday, and ask yourself if you expected to hear anything remotely approaching that kind of leadership. Of course you didn’t –; if either of them had any clue about service, they would have both retired from this race months ago, and let us have a reasonable pair to choose from. Yet, somehow, both Hillary and Trump managed to summon their better angels and give very good speeches. It would have been great if either of them would have wandered into that neighborhood at any point during the campaign.

Sorry. Had to do that.

By the way, in case you’re still whatever about the election, here is a list of things that did NOT end last Tuesday night, besides, ya know, the world:

the regular cycle of the sun rising and setting, though the whole “fall-back” thing still has some people clearly out of sorts

the Broncos’ inability to run the football

the Rockies’ futility, though there is, at least, some sign of moving in the right direction with the hiring of Bud Black. Of course, the front office botched the announcement by letting it leak in the middle of a Broncos Sunday night game two days before the election. Brilliant messaging control!

the drought, apparently

traffic congestion on every main north-south artery on the west side of the city

the spectacular beauty of the Rocky Mountains

the pure joy of a child’s laughter

your ability to be kind, compassionate, brave or generous

Just something to think about.

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