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25 European Castles That Will Make You Hate Your Apartment. Great… Thanks Europe.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle if they had the chance? The old kings and queens of Europe had it right when they built these. Not only are they luxurious, but they’re also super good at repelling invading armies and also probably Jehovah Witnesses. Here are 25 of the best ones for you to fantasize over while you sweat it out in your apartment, hoping that extra lock you installed will keep the invading barbarians out for a few more days.

1.) Lichtenstein Castle, Germany. Since 1200 this magnificent castle has over looked the Echaz Valley in southern Germany. Although it was destroyed twice, it was rebuilt each time.

2.) Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy. The Roman Emperor Hadrian build this castle originally in 123 AD as a mausoleum. It stayed that way until the 14th century when the Catholic Church turned it into a grand fortress.

3.) Château de Chillon, Switzerland. Situated on the shore of Lake Geneva, parts of this castle date back to as far as 1005.

4.) Swallow’s Nest Palace, Crimea, Ukraine. Although it looks older this castle was actually built for an oil tycoon in 1911. It over looks the Black Sea.

5.) Predjama Castle, Slovenia. This castle was the home of Knight Erazem Lueger. Lueger led a rebellion against the emperor and almost survived. However during a siege of the castle, legend has it that a servant betrayed him to the enemy. The servant told them where the toilet was in the castle. The emperor’s forces then fired a single cannon ball when Lueger was on the toilet and killed him thus ending the siege.

6.) Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island, England. Before the English and Scottish thrones combined, Lindisfarne defended an area of the country that was constantly under attack by the Scottish and Vikings.

7.) Lacave, France. During the Hundred Years’ War this castle was never breached despite frequent sieges.

8.) Château de Walzin, Belgium. The Walzin has fast running water on three sides, making it an easy place to defend.

9.) Château de Chambord, the Loire Valley, France. This castle was abandoned after the French Revolution until World War II. During the war it was used to protect priceless pieces of art from the Louvre and other French galleries.

10.) Burg Liechtenstein, Austria. The Ottoman Empire destroyed this amazing castle during their invasion of Austria in the 1500s. It was rebuilt in 1884.

11.) Château de la Rochepot, France. Beginning in the 13th century this castle has been a home to royalty. Sadly it was almost completely destroyed during the French Revolution.

12.) Reichsburg Cochem, Germany. This castle has served both German and French kings over the centuries. A fire gutted the structure in 1689. Luckily, a German businessman bought the property in 1868 and spent his fortune rebuilding and restoring the castle.

13.) Wasserschloss Glatt, Germany. This is one of the last moat castles in Germany.

14.) Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany. King Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned this castle in 1869. It has served as the inspiration for many fairy tales including Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

15.) Hohenzollern Castle. At the top of Mount Hohenzollern in southern Germany sits this amazing castle.

16.) Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, France. The English managed to capture this castle several times before it was completely destroyed during the French Revolution. In the 1800s the castle was rebuild to its former glory.

17.) Mont Saint Michel , France. This island castle is only accessible during low tide. Its claim to fame is that it never fell to the English during the whole 116 years of the Hundred Years’ War.

18.) Oberhofen Castle, Lake Thun, Switzerland. While not necessarily built with defense in mind, this castle is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

19.) Hatley Castle, Colwood, British Columbia. This castle has a colorful history considering it’s not that old. First it was the home of a British industrialist, then it was a military college during the World Wars, and most recently its home to a university.

20.) Falkenstein Castle, Austria. Falkenstein sits on the southern slope of the Hohe Tauern mountain range. This is by far my favorite.

21.) Dunnottar Castle, Scotland. The strong walls of Dunnottar protected the Scottish Crown Jewels for years from the English. It also served as a North Sea shield against Viking and English attacks.

22.) Sigmaringen Castle, Germany. After World War II members of the French Vichy government (which was backed by Germany) fled here. They hope to protect themselves from reprisals for collaborating with Hitler.

23.) Stalker Castle, Scotland. This castle most famously appeared in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

24.) O’Brien’s Tower, County Clare, Ireland. Built in 1835. O’Brien’s Tower is outmatched by its environment. Just look at those cliffs. Wow.

O’Brien’s Tower from another angle.

25.) Old Sarum, England. This castle has been consistently inhabited since 3000 B.C. It is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. There at the center is fort from the Iron Age built by the Romans.

(H/T: Distractify) Yep, now I officially hate my apartment. Don’t forget to share these amazing castles by clicking below.

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