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‘We’re here — whenever you need us’

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. on June 21, three Golden Police detectives became involved in a shootout in Edgewater.

They were following up on an ongoing investigation regarding a suspect wanted for sexual assault on a child.

The detectives tracked down the suspect who, after an attempt to flee, fired a weapon at the detectives.

Luckily, none of the detectives was injured, said Karlyn Tilley, spokeswoman for the City of Golden. But they could have been.

“Golden is all about community,” Tilley said. “With the way the world is today, it’s important for the community to come out and get to know who protects them.”

Along with other law enforcement agencies across the U.S., the Golden Police Department hosted its National Night Out on Aug. 2.

Too often, most interactions between people and law enforcement aren’t positive, said Golden Police Chief Bill Kilpatrick.

National Night Out is a way “for us to get to know the community in a manner that’s uplifting,” Kilpatrick said. “They get to see us in a setting that is comfortable and relaxing.”

The event, in its 18th year in Golden, took place at Parfet Park and featured live music and free hot dogs and root beer floats, along with other treats. Attendees got to sit on a motorcycle or learn about a police car and fire truck. But the highlight was the plethora of education available –; everything from internet safety to what the SWAT team does.

Michelle Nicholson of Golden was taking care of her four grandchildren and niece while their parents were out of town on vacation. Ranging in age from 1 to 20, Nicholson brought them to National Night Out because she knew they would enjoy it.

And, she added, “the kids learn things.”

National Night Out is one of the best events in Golden, said Mary and Roger Avers.

“It’s important to show community support for the police,” Mary Avers said.

The Golden Police Department, she said, has always been good about making an effort to have a presence in the community.

Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan agreed. “The Golden Police Department has always known it’s important to have a relationship with the community.”

This year, National Night Out took on even more importance, she said, because of the shootings involving citizens and police acrosss the country.

“Whatever happens anywhere with law enforcement is also felt here in Golden,” Sloan said.

Kilpatrick appreciated the opportunity to thank the community and show the department’s appreciation.

“Golden is an incredibly supportive community. We need their support, and they need our support,” Kilpatrick said. “We’re here –; whenever you need us.”

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