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Ulysses Park Report of Man with a Gun

Golden Police Officers responded to Ulysses Park (1205 Ulysses St) at about 7:30 a.m. on a report of a man in the park possibly armed with a gun. The male was reported to be walking around on the east side of the park, which borders and overlooks Bell Middle School.

Golden Police notified R-1 Security of the possible threat and recommended they initiate lockdown protocols. When sufficient officers were in the area, the Bell Middle School, School Resource Officer, reassessed the situation and determined to lift the lockdown and initiate lockout protocols.

When officers arrived at the park, they initiated contact with a male matching the description of the possible suspect. The male was unarmed. He was later arrested for an outstanding warrant that was not associated with the weapons call.

Officers completed a security sweep of the park and did not locate anyone else associated with the call or any discarded weapons.

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