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NBC’s Brian Williams: Hey, this inauguration feels like a ‘police state’


Did Brian Williams just say ‘police state’? Progress!

— Andrew Epstein (@andEps) January 21, 2013

Yes, he did.

Says Brian Williams: “This city has felt like a police state the last two days. Now a shot of the newly named Freedom Plaza.”

— Joanna Castle Miller (@jocastlemiller) January 21, 2013

Brian Williams has brought up DC’s extreme security measures on NBC several times today. Called it “bit of a police state” earlier… (1/2)

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 21, 2013

Just now Williams said he’d never seen a city “so thoroughly locked down.” The subtext: is this really the kind of country we want? (2/2)

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 21, 2013

@brianstelter He’s right.Military units scurrying about the city for several days now. Making commuting difficult and anxiety in public.

— Brandon Latham (@BrALatham) January 21, 2013

Setting aside his views about armed security, “real journalist” Brian Williams botched his basic facts. Again.

@bwilliams. My law firm is at 1275 Penn. it has been called Freedom Plaza for at least 7 years. #Inauguration #FactChecker

— Kelley C Miller (@kcm_esq) January 21, 2013

@jocastlemiller “newly named Freedom Plaza”? It’s been called that since before i was born. What is Williams drinking?

— Brian Mosley (@MosleyPhoto) January 21, 2013

What was he drinking? Maybe the same concoction he was imbibing when he called rocker Pete Townshend “Keith Moon?”

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