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Ke$ha seeks solace in ‘penis ocean’; gives followers lip


As reported here yesterday, vagina rules the world. In the interest of journalistic balance, where does that leave the humble penis? Adrift, but not alone, according to Ke$ha.

The idea of a penis ocean may not sound deep, but it spawned 1,600 retweets and in the great Socratic tradition led Ke$ha’s followers to respond with their own questions:


Others were left high and dry by the news.

@keshasuxx but I dont like peni!!

— DJ fucktard (@Capndicknballz) June 28, 2012

In an (unrelated?) Twitter post yesterday, the singer kept things classy by showing off her latest tattoo, pulling down her lower lip to reveal the message, “SUCK IT!”

new tatt!!! @alchemytattoola http://t.co/jl6FrwdB

— kesha (@KeshaRose) June 27, 2012

What do you say, music fans?

@keshasuxx No you didn't…. 0_0

— Rocket #9 (@2NEStephen) June 27, 2012

Yes. She did.

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