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Handy #ClaireMcCaskillSlogans remind us the Missouri race isn’t over


The GOP all but abandoned Missouri Rep. Todd Akin following his “legitimate rape” comments last month, but Akin has stayed in the race and yesterday faced off against Sen. Claire McCaskill in their first debate. While conservatives distanced themselves from Akin’s statement, the approach of Election Day reminds many that while Akin’s interview is a thing of the past, McCaskill is still McCaskill. Here are some of their #ClaireMcCaskillSlogans to remind us of that sobering truth.

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans "I was the winning vote for Obamacare, but my opponent would be a poor gynecologist." #caring #MOSEN cc: @DLoesch

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans "I'm middle of the road until Obama needs a vote, then I'm a socialist liberal shill." #MOSEN

— Chuck Baker (@ChuckBaker) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans Cause the other guy hates your vagina. cc: @KurtSchlichter

— Alberto A Pardo (@albertoapardo) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans "I can be bought, Obama found my price." #ObamaCare

— Doc Hasn't Forgotten (@Doc_68W_) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans "I'm responsible for the biggest take hike in history: Obamacare. But did you hear what Akin SAID?" @KurtSchlichter

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans – So what if 75% of our State didn't want ObamaCare. I represent Obama, not Missouri. #MOSen

— Tim Gray (@wifflegray) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMccaskillSlogans If you're looking for a cap'n'trade conservative, I'm your gal!

— Doug Ross (@directorblue) September 22, 2012

@KurtSchlichter @DLoesch #ClaireMcCaskillSlogans “Don’t vote Akin,who is wrong 1% of the time. Vote for me! I am wrong 100% of the time”

— roberto1975 (@roberto1975) September 22, 2012

#ClaireMcCaskillSlogans "Elect me, and I'll make sure Harry Reid NEVER passes a budget!"

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) September 22, 2012

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