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Getting into the eggnog? Fox Nation baffles Twitter with hilarious mistweet


Oh, dear! Fox Nation is at it again with another mistweet.

This is an embarrassing butt tweet. RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Alberto Par(D)o (@BestSocialPrgrm) December 24, 2012

No scantily clad actress this time, though! (Sorry, fellas!)

Of course, the left jumped in with typical and predictable “humor.” An example:

More coherent than usual. It’s a Christmas miracle! RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— DZ (@HalfShaftBlues) December 24, 2012

Yuk, yuk, yuk! Other Twitter users were swift to mock in a truly hilarious fashion.

Who let Doocy on the keyboard? RT @foxnation CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Ryan E. Hoffman (@NewYorkCreator) December 24, 2012

#Unexpectedly RT @foxnationCjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Trent (@Travesham) December 24, 2012

“@foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt”What the who?

— ☠ ᗩᐯᙓᖇᗩᘐᗴ ᒎᗢᗴ ☠ (@The_Joe_Bloggs) December 24, 2012

.@foxnation Is Michael Crapo in charge of your Twitter account?

— PatternGuru714 (@PatternGuru714) December 24, 2012

Word RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Joseph (@JG0980) December 24, 2012

Poignant and insightful “@foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt”

— Dan Ball (@dball1989) December 24, 2012

Amen, Fox. RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Andrew Fifield (@_fifield) December 24, 2012

Apparently, it’s bring your cat to work day. RT @foxnation CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Samui Shiiba (@icekitsune) December 24, 2012

Ditto RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— DerekIAm (@DerekIAm) December 24, 2012

BREAKING: Obama’s Plan For Reducing Spending Revealed! RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Tommy (I) (@FirstTeamTommy) December 24, 2012

Don’t miss the biggest story of the year! RT @ameliahammyMSM refuses to report this! RT @foxnation CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Nels (@debitking) December 24, 2012

Chuck Grassley LIVE in studio! | RT @daveweigel: Smart take. RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Matthew Hurtt (@matthewhurtt) December 24, 2012

my feelings exactly RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) December 24, 2012

And, win.

Fair and Balanced RT @foxnation: CjsJjjjejsjuuioIoIUIIUEuweuudfdexUt

— Jim Early (@mkearley2008) December 24, 2012

Will this swiftly be deleted?

So I wonder why @foxnation hasn’t deleted their last tweet?

— Kyle (@LiberalCanuck) December 24, 2012

Stay tuned!

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