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This Little Girl Was Abducted 18 Years Ago, And She Was Just Found Alive

Imagine thinking you know who you are, only to have your entire world change in an instant.

That’s the reality facing 18-year-old Kamiyah Mobley. Mobley goes by a different name because when she was just a baby, she was abducted from a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital by the woman she grew up considering to be her mother. DNA tests now show that her life is far more complicated than she could have imagined.

On June 10, 1998, Mobley was taken from the hospital by a woman dressed as a nurse. The kidnapper was captured on surveillance video, and an FBI investigation was launched.


Shanara Mobley, the child’s mother, was just 16 at the time and she begged for her child’s abductor to bring her back. Over the past 18 years, more than 2,500 tips have come in about the kidnapping.

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Gloria Williams took the baby to Westboro, South Carolina, where she was a social worker. Neighbors say Williams lived with the girl as her daughter and that they had a good relationship.


The two would often get their nails done together. Williams has been charged with kidnapping and interference with custody. She may also face charges for falsifying documents related to the baby she stole.

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