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Taliban attacks international embassies in Afghanistan


Early Sunday Morning the Taliban took credit for multiple attacks that rocked international embassies Kabul, Afghanistan.

Worrying morning for friends in Kabul. BBC staff safe but British Embassy & other buildings under attack. Multiple explosions. #Afghanistan

— Jon Williams (@WilliamsJon) April 15, 2012


This is a major attack on #Kabul after a lull of seven months, The last biggest attack was Sept 11 on U.S embassy attack

— Habib Khan Totakhil (@HabibKhanT) April 15, 2012

massive attack on Red Zone area of #Kabul. firing, hevay weapons & 7 explosions. #Afghanistan

— MuhammadAnjumKiani (@AnjumKiani) April 15, 2012

Attack underway in central Kabul. Also reports of gunfire near Afghan Parliament.

— Sally Sara (@sallyjsara) April 15, 2012

Got a text from Taliban Spox, taking responsibility & say numerous bombers have attacked, ISAF HQ, Parliament & all Diplomatic area #Kabul

— Habib Khan Totakhil (@HabibKhanT) April 15, 2012

Taliban claim armed suicide bombers launched attack on NATO headquarters, parliament and number of diplomatic residences in Kabul – @AP

— B.KalaiArasan (@Kalai_369) April 15, 2012

Massive terrorist attack (Mumbai style) by Taliban in Kabul. Attack on VVIP areas, hotels and airports. Over dozen explosions already! 😳

— Nikhil Nulkar (@nikhilnulkar) April 15, 2012

6 provinces of Afg. witnessing Taliban attacks. 3 areas in #Kabul including diplomatic places. No causalities reported so far

— Kamal Faridi (@KamalFaridi) April 15, 2012

A friend of mine taking cover at the British Embassy in Kabul has just texted to say "It's raining RPGs". Praying for her safety. #Kabul

— Rickin Majithia (@rick_maj) April 15, 2012


#Taliban spox says tens of their fighters have taken part in today's "well coordinated attacks" in #Kabul, Paktia, Nangarhar and Logar”

— Syed Sadiq (@Monster_Huntr80) April 15, 2012

RT @WilliamsJon: Reports insurgents taken over #Kabul Star hotel beside British embassy using as firing base into diplomatic compound

— thomas_wiegold (@thomas_wiegold) April 15, 2012




Kyodo says #Japan Embassy in #Kabul hit by at least 3 mobile rockets as part of widespread attacks underway in Afghan capital.

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) April 15, 2012

Taliban currently targeting Diplomatic quarter of Kabul. Turkish, Greek & Afghan forces responding. #Afghanistan #Kabul #News #NATO

— Politrickal (@Politrickal_com) April 15, 2012

Afghan MPs say some lawmakers have joined security forces repelling attackers from roof near Afghan parliament #Kabul

— Francisco Antonio (@fransalazar4232) April 15, 2012

No sound of gunfire near the Parliament for the last ten minutes #Kabul! Its been over two hours…I want to go to Mikhail! 🙁

— KavitaNair (@KavitaNair) April 15, 2012

Still Stuck in office, Security not letting us leave, situation in #Kabul #Afghanistan not good, hope it gets better!

— RAFI (@tweetsRAFI) April 15, 2012

Kyodo says #Japan Embassy in #Kabul hit by at least 3 mobile rockets as part of widespread attacks underway in Afghan capital.

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) April 15, 2012

#Kabul No foreign troops are involved in repelling insurgent attacks in Kabul as gunfight still continues, says MOI spox

— Ehsanullah Amiri (@euamiri) April 15, 2012

At the same time security forces arrested 15 suicide bombers in Kunduz province #Kabul #Afghanistan

— Ahmad Mukhtar (@AhMukhtar) April 15, 2012

5 killed & 22 injured in Kabul, Nangarhar, Paktia & Kundoz in today's attacks. 6 suicide bombers killed & 3 arrested n mentioned provinces.

— Malik Achakzai (@AfghanJourno) April 15, 2012

Taliban on Kabul attacks: "These attacks are the beginning of the spring offensive and we had planned them for months."

— Joe O'Brien (@joeobrien24) April 15, 2012

Re Kabul attacks Ambassador Crocker believes it was Haqqani network despite Taliban claims of responsibility. No U.S. Or Brit casualties

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) April 15, 2012

Dozens of police sniper now in rooms and on roof of #Kabul star hotel, apparently aiming at gunman holed-up in building opposite

— Bernard Smith (@JazeeraBernard) April 15, 2012

It seems about every 10 or so minutes there's another snippet of gunfire here in the diplomatic area of Kabul #Afghanistanattack

— Amie Ferris-Rotman (@Amie_FR) April 15, 2012

The body of a killed police officer just taken away from the site…. #Kabul #Afghanistan @AhMukhtar

— Esmatullah Kohsar (@EKBNL) April 15, 2012

Heard a heavy blast right now in Kabul… seems the attackers still got enough heavy weapons. #KabulAttack

— Esmatullah Kohsar (@EKBNL) April 15, 2012

Continuous blasts right now in Kabul, it seems the attack in Kabul gets intense.

— Kabul Pressistan (@Pressistan) April 15, 2012


4 insurgents in #Kabul, 4 in Jalalabad, 3 in Paktia, 3 in Logar provinces were killed by Afghan police: 14 police ,9 civilians wounded MOI

— Ahmad Mukhtar (@AhMukhtar) April 15, 2012


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