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Equality proponents Jennifer Gratz, Ward Connerly cheer SCOTUS decision


Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality:


Via HotAir:

What government enacts, it can repeal, says the Supreme Court in upholding the Michigan referendum that ended affirmative action in college admissions. In a stunning 6-2 decision, Justice Steven Breyer joined the conservative jurists in ruling that while the Constitution allows states to use affirmative action for admissions, it does not require states to do so:

The justices said in a 6-2 ruling Tuesday that Michigan voters had the right to change their state constitution to prohibit public colleges and universities from taking account of race in admissions decisions. The justices say that a lower federal court was wrong to set aside the change as discriminatory.

For a long time, we’ve known that the concept of judging people on their merits rather than their race doesn’t sit well with the Democrats. Today is no exception:


While the Dems were busy whining and wallowing, others hailed the ruling as a victory against blatantly discriminatory policy:


Jennifer Gratz, lead plaintiff in a 2003 SCOTUS case challenging affirmative action at the University of Michigan and co-founder of the XIV Foundation, applauded the decision:


Amen to that!

American Civil Rights Institute founder Ward Connerly kept his reaction pithy, but meaningful:


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