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Colorado to issue gay marriage licenses

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear all appeals on gay marriage bans from seven states on Monday, paving the way for couples in some states to legally wed – including Colorado.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, Attorney General John Suthers announced the state’s gay marriage ban to be unconstitutional, and filed motions which will lift stays in the federal and state courts that will eventually advise clerks to issue licenses to same-sex couples.

“The United States Supreme Court this morning denied review of all seven of the petitions from the lower Federal Circuit Courts that arose from challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage. Because the 10th Circuit Court, which has jurisdiction over Colorado, struck down Utah and Oklahoma’s ban, today’s decision by the high court clears the way for same-sex couples to legally wed in Colorado once stay orders have been lifted,” Suthers said in a statement.

Jeffco Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson released a statement saying, “I am thrilled this will finally be adjudicated for the citizens of Colorado. I believe strongly in individual rights and I personally support marriage equality, and look forward to the day when that right is available to all.”

In July, the U.S. District Court for Colorado issued a temporary stay on issue same-sex marriage licenses pending the state’s appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Boulder and Denver counties decided to go forward with the issuing of marriage licenses for same-sex couples, but Anderson did not, stating she had taken an oath to uphold the laws of the U.S. and the Colorado Constitution.

“What makes this issue so challenging is that we are currently in the process of resolving potential conflicts between our state and federal constitutions,” Anderson said in a statement back in June. “I look forward to the approaching day, when the courts finally adjudicate this issue for Colorado citizens; however, there has not yet been issued a binding legal decision for Jeffco to follow.”

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