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Cole Hamels could be worth $150M-$175M as a free agent


If the Phillies enjoy having Cole Hamels pitching for them instead of against them, they might want to lock him up to a new long term deal immediately. According to a survey by CBSSports, Hamels might be worth as much as $127 million in free agency.

A quick survey of three agents, none with ties to Hamels, revealed that they believe Hamels would garner between $150 million and $175 million as a free agent.

Here are the guesses of the three agents (of course, keep in mind these are not management guesses):

–$168 million, seven years

–$150 million to $175 million

–$150 million to $160 million

At just 28-years-old, these numbers shouldn’t surprise anyone. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him land a contract worth even more than these anonymous agents predict. MLB teams can never have too many pitchers.

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