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Are absent fathers killing American youth?


From American Thinker:

The list goes on. On Feb. 26, seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin, who lived with his mother, Sybrina Fulton, was shot to death while visiting his father and his father’s girlfriend in Sanford, Florida. On Feb. 27, T.J. Lane, an Ohio high school student, allegedly shot five other students, killing three. Lane’s parents never married, and he had lived with his grandparents since 2009. On March 1, seventeen-year-old Chris Wormely was stabbed to death by a classmate at a therapeutic day school in Chicago. The victim was raised by his mother, Charmayne Price, and there is no indication that he had a father in his life. On March 11, police found the body of fifteen-year-old Anne Grace Kasprzak, who was allegedly murdered by an older man when she refused to have sex with him. Kasprzak was adopted out of foster care, and her adoptive parents later divorced. On March 16, fifteen-year-old Sierra LaMar disappeared on her way to school in Morgan Hills, California, five months after moving there following her parents’ divorce. Would these tragedies have occurred if Martin, Lane, Wormely, Kasprzak, and LaMar had lived with their fathers in traditional, two-parent homes?

Nor is the vulnerability of children from broken homes limited to the United States. On March 4, Mario Albanese shot to death his ex-wife and her daughter from a previous marriage in northern Italy. On March 14, Terry-Lynne McClintic testified against her ex-boyfriend as he stood trial in Ontario, Canada for the 2009 rape and murder of nine-year-old Victoria “Tori” Stafford. The victim’s mother, Tara McDonald, previously testified that she and her boyfriend had twice bought drugs from McClintic. Would these children be dead if they had lived in intact homes?

Many children who grow up in non-traditional homes will not suffer violence, and children who grow up in non-traditional homes are not the only ones who commit violent crimes. Yet non-traditional home life increases the likelihood that children will suffer and inflict crimes like these, and a caring society must do everything it can to restrain and protect them.

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