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29 Reasons You Should Never Go To The South Of France

So cliché.

1. People have this idea that the south of France is some kind of heaven on earth.

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2. Like it’s this coastal paradise with unparalleled views.

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3. People say it’s positively magical.

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4. But the truth is…

5. It’s just not that special.

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6. First of all, it’s so out of date.

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7. EVERYTHING is uphill.

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8. And the food is just way too rich.

9. Honestly, how is this necessary?

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10. The countryside would be nice…

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11. If it wasn’t ruined by all the quaint little villages.

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12. It’s way too easy to get lost in all the little back streets.

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13. St Tropez is a god-awful garbage dump.

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14. It has absolutely no charm.

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15. And the views are just the worst.

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16. If you go there, you basically have to have a boat.

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17. And you’re forced to venture out on that disconcertingly blue water.

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18. I mean what’s the deal with the Cote D’Azure?

19. Nobody asked for this.

20. If you get too far from the beach, then you have all of the unnatural wildlife to deal with.

21. And you’ll probably get accidentally drenched in some secret waterfall.

22. There’s just nothing remotely interesting about the natural landscape.

23. It’s basically a wasteland.

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24. The historical landmarks leave a lot to be desired.

25. The wineries might as well close their doors, because what even is this?

27. More like CAN U NOT?

28. Honestly, what are people thinking?

29. This place is abhorrent and you should never, ever go there.

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