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Tim Tebow packed another venue on Sunday and not in his uniform either


Pastor couldn't get #pope for #Easter so he got @Tebow who told 15,000, "It's OK to be outspoken about your faith" http://t.co/zuwReodC

— Cathy Lynn Grossman (@CLGrossman) April 8, 2012

If Easter Sunday and Bubba Watson’s win weren’t enough to fill up your “feel gooder” today, let us give you one more item. Tim Tebow spoke at an outdoor church service in Georgetown, Texas to about 15,000 people this morning. He was, the pastor joked, the backup plan.

Pastor Joe Champion interviewed Tebow for 20 minutes before his main sermon. Said Champion: “In Christianity, it’s the Pope and Tebow right now,” “We didn’t have enough room to handle the Pope.”

A few takeaways from Tebow’s talk:

  • He welcomes the popularity of “Tebowing” because it means people are talking about his faith: “It’s being talked about,” he said. “That’s exciting.”
  • Tebow wants others to celebrate Christianity: “It’s OK to be outspoken about your faith,” Tebow said.
  • He rejects when athletes say they are not role models: “Yes you are. You’re just not a good one,” Tebow said.
  • He was asked what needed to change in America. “First and foremost is what this country was based on: one nation under God. The more that we can get back to that,” Tebow said.

It wouldn’t be bad if more athletes took his statement about role models to heart.

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