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Saints’ opener gets interrupted

Rain and hail shortened excitement of the first softball game of the year for the Jefferson High School players as, following a heavy rain and threat of more rain, the umpires suspended the game after 2 innings.

The schools will find a date to pick up the game where it was halted. The team will take the field with Sheridan at bat and the Rams leading 13-7.

During the rain delay, Saints Coach Leroy Romero talked about this year’s team.

“We are a pretty young team with only two seniors on the team and seven of our players who have never been on a competitive softball team before,” the coach said. “For example I have two freshmen who will pitch for us. They had played some softball but I have been working with them on the fundamentals of pitching to help us in the high school competition.”

He said he Jefferson was a senior-dominated team last year.

“Five of our seniors graduated and two girls transferred to another school so we are starting over,” he said. “I like coaching this team because they are eager to learn about softball. I have 11 on the roster right now plus four more girls who are completing their paperwork so they can join us.”

He said he will be doing a lot of coaching but he is pleased that the girls follow his instructions and work hard to improve their softball skills.

“We won’t be a powerhouse team and, as a young team, there will be mistakes. But because the girls are willing to work so hard, I feel we get better every time we take the field,” he said. “I expect we will continue to get better and we could surprise some opponents when they play us.”

Rosemary Gonzales is the varsity catcher this season.

“This is my fourth year playing softball for our school,” the senior said. “I usually played infield or outfield positions but I always wanted to get a chance to catch. Last year, when the starting catcher didn’t come to a practice and the backup catcher was late, I asked the coach if I could catch. I did well enough I became the backup catcher last season.”

She said her coach had really helped her develop her catching skills but said she knows she has to keep working to constantly get better.

“Catching is a great position to play,” she said. “You don’t just stand around because you are involved in just about every play in the game.”

The next home game for the Saints is at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 31 against St. Mary’s of Colorado Springs. The games are open to the public and there is no charge for admission.

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