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Rapper Lil Jon and others cuss out Mitt Romney


This is what sour grapes look like:

my president is black, and my car is blue. it better stay like thay for the next for years too #FuckRomney #TeamObama 🙂

— Em-I.L.Y. (@Emityk) October 4, 2012

Watching the debates is making me hate romney even more. #fuckromney

— Sup, Rikki. (@rikkiwtff) October 4, 2012


if romney is president i'm leaving this country. guy's a dink #FuckRomney

— Jake Rayner (@JRayner3344) October 4, 2012

No Food Stamps = No Chicken = UnHappy Black People #FuckRomney

— (@CrownTae) October 4, 2012


I would like to say #fuckromney. And I wish people would just shut up already he is a tool and we are screwed if he becomes president

— Joe Speckman (@RealJoeyVegas) October 4, 2012

Stay classy, people.

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