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Pippen spotted at Bulls game, ignites Twitter hate


Scottie Pippen At EVERY Game, He's To Chicago, What Spike Lee Is To NY, Lmao.

— DerrickRose'sBFF. ♊ (@DiamonBULLET) March 9, 2012


Is the guy sitting beside Scottie Pippen supposed to be a white Aziz Ansari?

— NBA Problems (@NBAProblems) March 9, 2012

just saw that Scottie Pippen had a white friend on @NBAonTNT pretty excited to maybe hit him up and go to buffalo wild wings one day.

— jake (@hiimjake) March 9, 2012

Scottie pippen is like that dude who graduated years ago ..but still be up at the school everyday

— VARNELL HILL (@pROBly_rite_tho) March 9, 2012

Yo scottie pippen on the blazers was some G shit

— keithie (@KeithCarrubba) March 9, 2012


Anyone else suprised Scottie Pippen is still allowed in the Bulls arena after saying Lebron is better than Jordan?

— Michael Magee (@notthefakemagee) March 9, 2012

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