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Jeff Saturday skips reunion with Peyton Manning


Everyone just assumed free agent center Jeff Saturday would choose to play for the Denver Broncos to reunite with his former Indianapolis Colts teammate Peyton Manning.

Everyone assumed wrong!

From ESPN:

Free-agent center Jeff Saturday agreed to a contract with the Green Bay Packers on Friday, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Saturday is the Packers’ answer to replacing Scott Wells, who signed last week with the St. Louis Rams.

Saturday, who played an instrumental role in helping to end last year’s lockout, joined the Indianapolis Colts for the 1999 season, and within a year he became their regular starting center until last season.


Jeff Saturday to the Bronc….Packers!?

— Zach Edwards (@therealzache) March 23, 2012

Aaron Rodgers and Jeff Saturday now thats a problem

— TubbyMcFatFuck (@mcmahonimal) March 23, 2012


Jeff Saturday: Manning tested, Rodgers approved

— Michael Lauer (@MichaelLauerJr) March 23, 2012

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