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Hillary: ‘It doesn’t even take words’ to communicate with BFF Obama


Stop, our aching tummies! And this time, not from giggling. Yet another hurl-inducing tidbit came out of the lovefest known as the “60 Minutes” interview with President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton. Hillary announced that sometimes she doesn’t even need words to communicate with President Obama, her best friend forevah!

Hillary on her relationship with Obama: “Very warm, close…a sense of understanding that sometimes doesn’t even take words…”

— Josh Dorner (@JoshDorner) January 28, 2013

Ugh. Some on the Left, however, swoon madly over the hurl-inducing words (or lack thereof).

Giving me chills watching Obama and Clinton demonstrate-beyond just saying the words but through their chemistry-such incredible partnership

— Canyonrat (@canyonrat) January 28, 2013

“There’s a sense of understanding that doesn’t even take words.” -Hillary Clinton on her relationship with Barack Obama #adorable

— Anu Joshi (@anu22) January 28, 2013

so just watching BO and HRC on #60minutes and they are damn cute together.She’s rocking the pink jacket like nobodys business.

— Anu Joshi (@anu22) January 28, 2013

The always inane Joan Walsh enters the drooling mix.

@joanwalsh Was more surprised by the physical non-verbal cues than the words. Strangely engaging. Don’t think Hillary is going away.

— bmaz (@bmaz) January 28, 2013

@bmaz I totally agree. A genuine comfort in one another’s presence.

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) January 28, 2013

@joanwalsh @bmaz Peeps forget Obama’s grandmother died when he was 1st inaugurated.Clinton was helpful,strong older woman in his life after.

— Lucy Burton (@swirlOsquirrel) January 28, 2013

@joanwalsh And I don’t think you can fake that either; it was not just editing, looked quite real.

— bmaz (@bmaz) January 28, 2013

Oh, good grief! How did they tear themselves away from their tear-stained diaries long enough to tweet?

For others, it was an emetic.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t even take words.” Hillary Clinton provides emetic to cynics everywhere. nationaljournal.com/politics/obama…

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) January 28, 2013

@jpodhoretz Kim il sun just emailed, Why can’t I get press like that?

— Paul Kinkel (@PaulKinkel) January 28, 2013


Hey, Hillary, you know what words you shouldn’t have said? “What difference does it make?”

You’re welcome. Now, go back to braiding each other’s hair while arguing over Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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