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He Told His Wife to Abort their Baby. She Refused. What Happened Next is Beautiful.

When Heath and Jennifer White were pregnant with their second child, they learned something that would change their lives: the baby had Down Syndrome. Although Heath was a loving husband and devoted father, he didn’t like the idea of having a special needs daughter.

Throughout his entire life, Heath strived to be perfect. He wanted the perfect job, the perfect wife and the perfect family.

But, something happened that made him question everything. His wife was pregnant… and the unborn baby had Down Syndrome.

Heath originally wanted to abort the child and tried to convince Jennifer to terminate the pregnancy. She didn’t.

When little Paisley was born, Heath realized what a mistake he had made. He made her laugh and he realized she is like every other child… with one exception: she was his.

So now, every day as Paisley grows up, he writes her a letter. It’s both a love letter and a confession. The letter contains the truth about how he felt… and how he now feels.

He plans on sharing the letter with Paisley when she is older. He wants her to know just how wrong he was and how special she is.

But the letter wasn’t the only thing Heath did for his beautiful little girl.

He began running like did when he was younger. He entered competitions to run for (and with) Paisley.

He wanted to do something special with his second daughter…

So he ran in races with her.

Today, they have competed in numerous 5k and 10k races. The total distance they have covered together is 321 miles (so if all of the races were 5ks, that’s 100 races).

“Before you were born I only worried about how your disability reflected on me. Now there is no better mirror in the world. You’re my light in the dark, and it’s a privilege to be your dad. Love always, daddy.”

Heath used to hate the idea of having a daughter with Down Syndrome… now he can’t imagine life without Paisley. She is a bright part of every day. Children with Down Syndrome aren’t a burden, they are beautiful. Source

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