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Farrow: ‘Chick-fil-A a disgrace. If support human rights, don’t go there’


Human rights! What, no For The Children thrown in for good measure? You are slipping, toots. Ms. Farrow is just the latest to jump aboard the Chick-fil-A demonizing train.

She also thinks that ThinkProgress tells the truth!


Oh, sweetie. Bless your precious heart.

This fan seems to want tyranny with no private companies? You know, so you can teach people a lesson by having The State decide what is right or wrong for you.


Sane Twitter users try to explain reality to Ms. Farrow.

@MiaFarrow @gregrikaart I support ppls rights. @ChickfilA DOES NOT discriminate! Persnl beliefs do not qualify your stance. #eatatchickfila

— Karen (@karenshore) July 26, 2012

@MiaFarrow – Sad you think like that. Why can't I be a Christian that supports freedom of speech, CFA and gay marriage? #getoveritAmerica

— Ashley Evers (@ashleyrevers) July 26, 2012

@MiaFarrow so if none of the super markets support gay marriage what will gays do stop eating?

— André Harris (@KRULL1028) July 26, 2012

@MiaFarrow @gregrikaart Why can't people, who don't agree with u, express themselves. I thought Hollywood people loved the 1st Amendment.

— Sandi Contreras (@UWINSC) July 26, 2012

@MiaFarrow I support gay rights and human rights but I also support the freedom of having our own opinions in this country.

— michael mall (@AtheisticDreams) July 26, 2012

Nope, that isn’t allowed. According to the tolerance tyrants, at least.

We’d like to ask Ms. Farrow why her “human rights” concerns do not extend to those who believe in the bible. Or North Carolinian ‘barbarians’.

If you believe in human rights for all, which include the right to have independent thought, perhaps you shouldn’t go to Ms. Farrow’s movies nor watch her television shows.

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